The aim of this catalogue and the lists following it is to make known the importance and variety of Mauro Giuliani’s works and to enhance choice and access to them.


They may be freely consulted and copied  on condition that their author is mentioned, with the exception of any commercial use, even partial.


All suggestions, notifications of errors, data unknown to us, or new information concerning the lost works and those not edited to date (see notes C and D from list A), will be gratefully received.


Important note


To aid  searches, it is necessary to consult the abbreviations, notes and commentaries which appear at the end of each list, as well as list A and its legend, on which the catalogue is based.




On 8th May 2009, 180th anniversary of his death, this homage to Mauro Giuliani is dedicated to Thomas Heck, to my niece Béatrice and to all guitarists who wish to discover and get to the core of this genial composer.


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Eddy Favre


Geneva (Switzerland)